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About Me

My name is Melanie Young. I am a full-time blogger and I’m on my way to be becoming a lifestyle and success coach. I am also involved in Network and Affiliate Marketing.

I come from an IT background but I’ve also had the pleasure of working in various industries and have learned a lot from all of them. The most important lesson that I learned was that I wanted and needed to work for myself. One extremely horrible boss made that lesson abundantly clear.

I’m not an expert at anything.. YET! But what I do have is 40 years of life experience to include being a parent, great research skills, the hunger to learn and an overwhelming desire to help people help themselves

My goal is to inspire people to make better choices, to break free the everyday rut we find ourselves stuck in, and hopefully foster a desire to learn. Ideas make the world go round.

We all can go far in this world but only if we have the right tools and the desire to use them.

That is why I created The Business Of Being Me.

This website is my journey getting there and it’s dedicated to covering the following topics:


Personal Development

Health and Wellness

Nutrition and Food

Creating financial abundance

The Ever Fascinating Cryptocurrency

Product reviews and more.

To be honest this is not my first attempt at having a blog. This is probably like my third. I’ve had a hard time finding my voice to be able to talk about myself, my goals, and just about any topic in general. That little voice of self-doubt loves to show itself when I sit down to brainstorm about what to write.

16 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have 3 older brothers and two step sisters. I am the youngest and was raised as an only child by a single mother.

  2. Sarah Conner from Terminator 2 was my inspiration to join the Army.

  3. I’m a mother to an awesome daughter.

  4. I grew up in poverty.
  5. I totally love watching movies with a strong female character that has great fighting skills.

  6. I took a year of Tae Kwon Do but I never tested out of yellow belt. I did it strictly for the exercise. It was so much fun and was never boring. The class was different every time I went.

  7. I was in highschool during the best decade ever in the USA, the 1990’s.

  8. I’ve been engaged twice and married once.

  9. I proudly wear a tin foil hat from time to time. I’m a huge fan of Ancient Aliens. The possibility of alien life, paranormal activity, and possible 1st contact is fascinating.

  10. I grew up on the south side of Atlanta, Ga. In the south, it gets extremely hot in the summer time, we have poisonous snakes, a vine that grows a foot a day, and it’s not uncommon for someone to lose a mattress on the interstate.

  11. I’ve spent a year living in South Korea.

  12. I was 14 years old when Nirvana hit the music scene with Smells Like Teen Spirit. The first time I saw the music video on MTV (when they actually cared about music) was on Headbangers Ball.

  13. I collect makeup like most people collect nick nacks and women obsess over shoes.

  14. I love cats. Their unpredictable nature makes them so lovable.

  15. I’ve struggled with being overweight most of my adult life. I’m forcing myself to learn to love exercise again. This was never an issue until I got out of the military.

  16. Despite being overweight I don’t begrudge those who are much thinner and more physically fit than I. If they have a healthy lifestyle they are great people to learn from.

Stop by from time to time to see what I’m up to and more.










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