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I like books. Do you?


I like books.

Do you like books?

I have a serious book collection and it’s all thanks to the creation of ebooks. My house isn’t big enough to handle all the books I would like to have. Most of the space on my spare laptop is full of ebooks. All kinds of them covering many different subjects.

I also have quite a collection on my Kindle. I even have a few gigabytes of hard drive space worth of audio books too.

Have I read/listened to all of them? Not hardly. Sadly, unproductive internet browsing has been a huge distraction. I am sucker for politics, history, UFO’s, business building related topics and spend lots of time looking up those topics.

Yeah I said UFO’s.

The internet is full of resources for all of those topics and a gazillion more. I have learned through lots of reading that what you learn in K-12 and main stream academia isn’t always accurate or just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to written history.

Another thing I have learned is that academics and intellectuals who have spent their life’s work chasing their theory on history, science, etc.. are hard pressed to change their views when new information has been gained. They will only change their view or admit the new information is accurate once the evidence is overwhelming and can no longer be ignored. Too much money goes into their work from outside sources that they don’t want to lose.

Thanks to the internet, I now am keenly aware of the real life Indiana Jones types that are making archeological history with their finds. Their work is not longer hidden or dismissed thanks to the instant access the internet gives these brave people to the rest of earth’s population that has the same technological capabilities.

Believe it or not, we still have groups of people living very simple lives in tribes around the planet. I’ll talk about that another day.

So yeah, I get easily distracted as you can probably tell. I have some character flaws to work on.

I have to take the good with the bad I suppose. My ability to be easily distracted online helps me find new books to add to my library. It’s even better when you are able get the books for free from the author. That doesn’t always happen but when it does, I take advantage of the situation.

Knowledge is power.

My Latest Additions


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Over the last month I have acquired five new books. A couple of them I learned about from listening to podcasts.

The two I learned about from the podcasts are:

Both were free from the Author and in ebook form. The cool thing is, I have downloaded them to my kindle as well so I have them in a couple locations.

The rest of my books were purchased in Kindle edition on Amazon. I never leave home without that handle little jewel.

One of the author’s of my recent kindle book purchases has been on quite a few documentaries and TV shows on the History Channel. He has also written many books in his chosen field.

That book is:

Mr. Daniken has spent a lot of time in Egypt and his knowledge and insight on the history of that area is pretty fascinating. I can’t wait till I am able to dedicate the time necessary to reading this book.

The other two books that I acquired through Kindle fall under the subjects of Self Help and Finance. They are:

These books are not light reading. They touch on some serious subjects. One is about the origins of humanity, the others are for improving my financial position and stopping crappy habits.

Conscious Millionaire is first I started on that book over the weekend. I plan on being done with it by Thursday. I have a feeling I will have lots of homework involved.

My question for you is….. How many books have you bought and read over the last couple of months?

If you are froggy tell me in the comments below.

Until my next post always remember, knowledge is power.




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