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Spring Is In The Air – Here Comes The Allergies


It’s that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere. Nests and dens are full of baby animals. The flowers are blooming and my orange tree is full of oranges. The earth is in renewal.

Even April the Giraffe finally had her baby

California Super Bloom – Facebook

California has managed to bounce back thanks to the end of the state’s multiyear rain drought. The deserts are in“super bloom” and the visuals are absolutely breathtaking.  

With Spring Comes Pollen

That horrible green powder is covering everything. I washed my car not even two days ago and now it lookslike I never touched it with soap and water.

Not only is that horrible green menace covering the landscape it’s also giving everyone horrible allergies.

California Super Bloom – Facebook

Luckily, as I have aged my allergies do not give me such a hassle anymore. My baby girl, on the other hand, has come down with a mild case of it. When I was her age I could barely breathe through my nose and my eyes watered constantly when my allergies would flare up.


I’m grateful that as of right now she doesn’t have that problem but if her allergies worsen, I will make sure to find the most natural way possible to tackle it. I’ve read too many horror stories of the dangers that over the counter medicines are posing for people.

Just last month or so, articles started circulating online that ibuprofen significantly increases a person’s chances of heart attack or stroke for people over 40 and it could be causing people’s deaths. Ibuprofen will eat a hole in your stomach if you don’t eat prior to taking it and that’s scary enough.

Springtime also brings spring cleaning

During the summer, Florida can get blisteringly hot. Right now is the perfect time to perform what people in t
he army call a GI Party to my house. The dust bunnies have accumulated in corners as well as behind and underneath furniture.

That surely can’t be helping with anyone’s allergies.

Spring cleaning will also allow me to go through my stuff and pull out the stuff I don’t use to donate and get the rest organized. It’s amazing to me how much stuff people can accumulate after a few years. My family only moved down here like four years ago and prior to moving, we unloaded a huge amount of stuff in yard sales and to the local thrift store.

Do you like to spring clean? What are your methods to get your home springtime fresh?

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