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Spring Is here! But I’m Stuck Inside…


It’s Monday. Hooray!

I hate mondays

Spring is here! But I’m stuck inside…

Who am I kidding. No one likes Monday’s. Nobody! If you do there is either something wrong with you or you really like your situation.

Hopefully it’s the latter.

My typical Monday is housecleaning while listening to a podcast. Which in all reality, that is my whole week.

Kinda sad really, considering that I live six miles from the beach!

Not only do I have a sad little routine during the day. I also try to convince myself that I need to work out. Shortly after the idea pops up something will start aching. It’s almost like my body is protesting.

A tiny little obscure joint or muscle will yell out in a weak little NO!!!!

Shitty excuse I know. LOL!

Fortunately, small aches and pains is the worst thing I have going on. My heart goes out to my friends and family whose health has not fared as well at the same age. Every situation is unique.

Valencia Orange Tree
Valencia Orange Tree

IMG_20160411_112401517Spring is in full bloom where I live. Beautiful blooms are everywhere. Fruit trees are blooming and filling the air with a candy sweet scent. The roses are a resplendent display of beauty.

My husband bought a Valencia Orange Tree and Purple Rose Bush in pots last week. They were both transplanted to larger planters once we got them home.

The cool thing about orange tree is that it is producing fruit. Right now they are the size of a pea.

There is something very satisfying and exciting to the prospect of being able to eat fruit that I grew myself. Not to mention the whole flowering/fruiting process smells amazing.

I have stop writing for now.

Never ending laundry calls my name and I have books to read. Not to mention I totally need to find a way to get organized. Ugh!

If you’re lucky I’ll write about what I’m reading. It may come in handy for you and be a new source of inspiration, or become a new dust collector.

What do you have planned for the week?

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