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Why Is Staying On Task So Hard?


Just like most of the abandoned projects in my life, I swore that I would stay on task and dedicate time every day to keep this blog updated.

I have failed miserably. The funny part about this time around I actually feel somewhat guilty about it.

Why Is Staying On Task So Hard?

Why is it damn near impossible for me to stay on task when it comes to certain things? I know that I am not the only one that has this problem.

Focus has become such a problem for so many people, that Microsoft Corporation of all companies decided to do a study about it. Basically it said, goldfish’s have a longer attention span than we do now.

punygoldfishA goldfish!

That really sucks. At one time, saying someone has an attention span of a goldfish was an insult!

Seriously, people?!?!?!  When did this happen and how?

Thanks to those little idiot boxes we keep in our hands at all times (smart phones), the human attention span in countries where smart phones exist, has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

Like we need more distraction. TV is already full of mind numbing “programming” that rob people of valuable time they will never get back.

What Can I Do To Fix It?

On the topic of learning to focus, a Google search reports back a total of about 4 billion website submissions for that topic. Apparently, this is a huge deal. That’s a lot of website submissions.


Hopefully out of all these sites, I will be able to find real usable information that will help me get a grip on my ability to focus. Business related blogs and sites I feel would be the best places to start.

The world is changing at a rapid rate, we must maintain our cognitive abilities. Not giving my brain a workout damn near guarantees a one way ticket to dementia.

I for one want to try to stay as sharp as possible mentally, to keep from being much of a burden on people when I get older.

Every day I am thankful for the internet and the access it gives to the copious amounts of information available that can make my life better. It also adds to my short attention span problem.

Now that I know what my problem is and the path to take to start correcting it.

I will give you an update on how well I am progressing in my getting my shit together!

Till then, leave me a comment below.




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